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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The visitor of the medicinal store is an adult and is not restricted from making his or her own medical decisions that fall under laws of the Place of Residence of the Customer.

Some of the pharmaceutical(s) ordered by the customer are about prescribing the medication they might be opting for by a licensed and duly qualified medical practitioner in Place of Residence of the Customer for specific diagnosed medical condition only post personal examination of the customer by the doctor.

The customer has not violated any of the laws while placing residence of the customer while obtaining a prescription for ordering the medicines from the website.

Make sure that no person other than any of the customers; shall use the ordered product. The customer does not rely on any of the information that is gained from this online drug store and any of its employees and/or its affiliates while making the decisions to order the medications. Information that is provided here is only for assistance and the customer should follow complete doctor’s prescription for while consumption of the medicine.

One must be altering and immediately contact the physician that has provided you with the prescription while including this order in case you have comes across any of the side effects from any of the medications that have been bought from, online pharmaceutical store. 

Know that the customer is completely responsible for performing certain regular examinations with a primary physician for ensuring that they might not have any medical condition that could constitute a contradiction while consumption of the medications that they have ordered. 

The customer should agree and at the same time acknowledge medications that are shipped from a foreign country and that the customer completely knows that these medications have not been manufactured in the United States.

Customers do agree for being provided with some sort of certified prescription by fax or email or mail or instead of such provision authorizes to the store for providing one from its doctor.

Customers that are visiting this particular online pharmaceutical store are automatically agreeing to all agreements and contracts that are made between the customer, store, and/or its affiliates shall be deemed to have been made and accordingly shall be governed by the laws of the respective country.